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4G LTE is an abbreviation for the 4th generation long term evolution. Let me tell you what the first three generations are in layman's terms. The first generation is analog. Wherever there is analog, you'd use digital in conjunction. That's what 2nd generation is all about. While the third generation is generally about the multimedia broadband, it is simple law of math that 3 > 2 > 1. Going by that logic 4G LTE is better than all the previous three generations. The prices of the 2g internet is increasing day by day despite the advent of 4G LTE in India. And why are the people still stupid to buy them? It is simply because the buying population in India don’t have a choice. The telecom industry in our country is stagnating and all the money-itching telephone companies are trying to squeeze out the money from our population knowing about our buying power. It is shocking that none of the companies have rushed into buying the 4g license let alone rushing they didn’t even volunteer for the license. Is there a chance that the telephone companies are overpricing the 2g data value in order to push the customers towards buying the 4G LTE? If that had been the case, why they even haven’t got the 4g license yet. The 4G network is available to almost 75% of the US population. I don’t want to go too much into math now. But considering US population is just about 1/5th of India’s population, the Indian telecom industry could actually benefit by taking 4G LTE seriously which would improve the industry and bring the customer satisfaction as well. The Indian telecom industry is benefiting a lot from the wireless networks. There are a hell lot of WiFi password software around out of which the most popular and legitimate software is the WiFi unlocker which could hack WiFi of any networks within the range of 50m. Much to your surprise, this software is being distributed for free. So you could try this software for playing with your neighbors. And since this WiFi password hack is getting global exposure day by day, people feel that their Wi-Fi network is not that secure. So the high speed WiFi network is out of favor now. So let us now discuss what 4G LTE would actually mean to customers. Imagine not having to wait for your friend’s high definition picture in Facebook. Imagine not having to wait while watching HD videos in YouTube. Imagine video-calling long distant friends or parents or siblings which was once available only to very elite people of the world. Imagine everyone sharing a single 4G LTE account that would satisfy the needs of a entire family without having to bash each other for using too much of data over a single common network. That is enough advertisement to make anyone buy 4G LTE. Telecom Industry!!

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PayPal is pay for your pal which means pay for your friends. I am a spendthrift who like to spend whatever I have for others. Gratify yourself by looking the happiness in their eyes if you spend for them. Giving is happiness. Now then, I am not Alan Watts philosophy is not what I am trying to preach here. If you are me and you are working in a corporate sector like me, you wouldn't be having money in hands at the end of the first week. Human brain is clouded with thoughts that the solution is definitely saving. Saving is not in my nature of things and I wonder how come people can suppress the thirst for spending the money they have in their hands. Spend you idiots!!! Unconsciously, everyone wants to spend  to have the all the materialistic things that this world has to offer. But they don't have the money to spend even if they did they are very hesitant to spend having a lame excuse that from the future perspective I need this money. I believe one thing to be true the more you give away the more it comes back. Be honest to yourself deep down your body deep down your kidney your heart your mind isn't there a desire to buy a luxury car, to gift a diamond ring to your girlfriend (this situation not applicable to everyone), to own a costly piece of real estate. I know your heart has got it buried. People rarely does make these kind of dreams reality. You can never achieve your dreams of that size through saving.


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